Kiss of Memory: Short Story

A short story of transformation

Doomed to live out his days in a Victorian sanitarium, Will Davenport is the victim of severe epilepsy that is untreatable by the medicine of his time. It disrupts his memory and perceptions, forcing him into a kind of semi-infantile state even as he knows that his mind is being taken from him.

All this changes with the appearance of Elizabeth, Lady Darnley. She has a strange power that makes his thoughts more coherent and less broken by her very presence, and she promises him the chance of a true cure—and a new life, brought by a vampire’s kiss.

This vampire historical paranormal romance tells the story of Will and Elizabeth, who appear in the Cora’s Choice series set in the Aethereal Bonds world. It is approximately 30 pages, at the border between a short story and a novelette.

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