Heaven’s Price: Short Story

Yin Lihua will pay heaven’s price to save everything she loves in this historical fantasy short story….

In the age of China’s Three Kingdoms, great forces fight over the corpse of the Han Empire. Among the leaders that emerge from the chaos, the Duke of Shan and the King of Tian stand apart. They are no ordinary Chinese noblemen. They are vampires, and with their armies, they vie for ultimate control of the Central Kingdom.

Lady Yin is the Duke of Shan’s consort, bound to him eternally, heart, mind, and body. The mother of his heir, she will do anything to keep her lord and her child from falling into the hands of the enemy.

Anything at all.

Heaven’s Price contains explicit sexual content and is not intended for minors. It is not a romance. Fans of Chinese historical drama will find this story both interesting and different.

Author’s Note
Vampires in ancient China? Really? Yes, really! Wouldn’t that explain quite handily the brutality of early Chinese history? And it harmonizes remarkably well with the Chinese love for magical elements in historical narratives.

If you like historical fiction set in Asia, I challenge you to give it a shot with zero risk. You are welcome to return it within seven days of purchase if it doesn’t live up to your hopes. The story is impeccably researched and was inspired by actual historical events (not quite as famous as the Battle of Red Cliffs, but famous enough that a devoted history reader will recognize the source), with a fantasy twist given to it.

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