Cold Blood: Vampire’s Choice 2

ISBN: 978-1-68132-027-4


Dorian Thorne’s thousand-year wait is over. The ageless billionaire vampire has finally found his consort in the form of a dying young woman named Cora Shaw. His blood kiss heals Cora’s broken body and unites them in an eternal bond.

With her, Dorian is finally complete. But far from enjoying a blissful union, he discovers that the demons inside himself are not as easily laid to rest as he had believed, and his enemies have deadly plans for his consort.

This release by New York Times bestselling author V. M. Black contains a bonus copy of Taken (The Alpha’s Captive #1).


Brilliant! Deliciously dark, seriously sexy, completely captivating, thoroughly compelling and definitely entertaining! I was totally spellbound from beginning to end. Hands down, one of the best vampire romances I have ever read and I’ve read too many to even count! Congratulations Ms Black, you’ve outdone yourself again! I can hardly wait for Book Three.

Wow what a story! The more I read this series the more interesting it becomes. Ms. Black has outdone herself. Can’t wait for book 3!!!


The second installment of Vampire’s Choice is incredible. I can’t wait to see what happens next from Dorian’s point of view.


“So I survived,” she said, folding her arms defensively over her breasts. “What now? Do you send me packing off home again, cured but not-quite-human?”

Again, the frisson of amusement that her questions caused took me by surprise. She could not possibly really believe what she was saying. I stood up, and she tensed.

“Do you think, after all the trouble I took to find you, that I would just…send you away?” I asked.

“Am I your prisoner, then?” she asked in a strangled voice.

“Of course not,” I said, sauntering around the bed to where she stood. She looked like she wanted to flee—but whether she meant to run away or into my arms appeared less certain. “Do you really want to go, Cora? Put on your clothes, take your jacket and disappear from this place, never to see it again? Never to see me again?”

Cora swallowed. “Yes.”

She was a terrible liar. I could see the pulse in her neck, fluttering fast at the thought of being taken away from this place. From me. She could not survive it any more than I could, but there was no need to tell her that yet.

“What do you want from me?” she pushed. “More blood?”

Cora couldn’t know that I heard in her voice her yearning for me to tell her that I wanted more than that. No—she wanted me to tell her that I demanded more than that, to absolve her of any fault for what she felt, placing upon me the blame for her acting upon her urges.

I would give her only part of what she asked for. For the rest…she would have to take responsibility for her part in the decisions that we would make. It was safer that way. Saner that way. In the other direction lay the darkness that I might never return from.

“Your cure—and my nourishment—are only the beginning of the changes that the conversion has wrought,” I said softly. “And only the beginning of what is between us.”

She rocked onto her toes, her face twisting. “What do you mean?” Her voice was breathless.

I looked at her narrowly. How she craved to be ordered, whether she realized it or not. I caught her wrist, and she leaned forward instantly, her body inclining toward mine. But I just turned it so that she saw the mark there, the one that was as much a part of her flesh now as the rest of her skin.

Her bond mark.

She gaped at it. “What have you done to me?”

“I have changed you,” I said. “That is the bond mark, Cora. It appears when a human survives feeding and is transformed. It shows that you belong to me now. In every way. Forever.”

She shook her head dumbly, but even as she did, a shudder went through her body that was anything but a denial. I let her go before she could do something she might claim later to regret, and I brushed back a lock of hair that had fallen to veil her face.

“It’s a great gift, Cora,” I said softly. “More than a cure. Not only can you never again develop cancer, but you will never suffer any other human illness. And, like me, you will never grow old.”

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